Premonition (1999) / Thriller-Mystery
aka Convergence

MPAA Rated: R for some strong sexuality, language and violence
Running Time: 93 min.

Cast: Christopher Lloyd, Cyndy Preston, Adrian Paul, Blu Mankuma
Director: Gavin Wilding
Screenplay: John Fairley, Raul Inglis, Gavin Wilding
Review published January 20, 2000

I'm almost convinced that the makers of Convergence (also known on home video as Premonition) put subliminal messages during the showing of this film suggesting deep sleep, as I found it extremely difficult to not only keep interest in the movie but also to keep awake altogether.

The plot of this low-budget supernatural thriller deals with a couple of reporters working for a supermarket rag, a la "Weekly World News" (or bizarre and not really proven news articles from around the world). Upon a visit to a local mental hospital, a patient is discovered to have the knack to predict times of people's deaths and tags one of the reporters with a three day life remainder. As the deadline nears, the reporter begins experiencing strange behavior stemming from a near-death experience she had as a youth.

Interestingly, this came out before the bigger budgeted films which this is similar to, Final Destination and Lost Souls. Of course, both of those films were also quite bad, but Convergence suffers from a budget that can't do it's story justice and a director that can't seem to find the proper way to stage or present situations. Christopher Lloyd (of "Taxi" and Back to the Future fame) gets top billing, so you know the acting will be b-movie quality at best. Some spicier writing and a director who knows what (s)he's doing could have made it more tolerable. For insomniacs only.

Qwipster's rating:

2000 Vince Leo