Runaway Bride (1999) / Comedy-Romance

MPAA Rated: PG for language and some suggestive dialogue
Running Time: 116 min.

Cast: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack, Hector Elizondo, Rita Wilson
Director: Garry Marshall
Screenplay: Josann McGibbon, Sara Parriott

Review published July 31, 1999

A New York columnist (Gere, The Jackal) hears a scoop about a woman (Roberts, Notting Hill) who ditched several husbands on the altar of her wedding. He writes about her without properly researching the stories and ends up losing his job. In an attempt to resurrect his career, he tries to get his facts straight and travels to find this woman, on the virge of attempting to get married for the fourth time.

Predictable but highly enjoyable romantic comedy, with director Garry Marshall (Raising Helen, Georgia Rule) rejoining the Pretty Woman team of Roberts and Gere in fine form. Many funny moments and terrific performances help keep the fun going and laughs coming.

Although contrived and not particularly memorable, it passes the time with ease and amiability that makes it impossible to not have a good time watching.

 And here's a rare statement from me: Richard Gere is good in this one. It may not be Pretty Woman, but it's quite good nonetheless.

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1999 Vince Leo